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Complete range for North American, European, Japanese and Korean Vehicles.
Passenger Cars, Light Commercial Vehicles, SUVs, Vans, Mini Vans, Pickup Trucks.

* See note below.

Inner Tie Rod Ball Stud*
Conforms to OE design for perfect fit to vehicles' steering systems. The ballís surface roughness is minimized allowing for the smoothest possible drive. Pre-lubricated with optimum amount of grease. SAE 5140 material is hardened (heat treatment) and machined for perfection and zero-defect resulting in maximized corrosion resistance. Coated with zinc-phosphate for resistance against fluctuating environmental conditions.

Inner Tie Rod Polymer Bearing*
Enhanced bearing design resists radial/axial and vibrating forces. Designed with channels on inner walls and extra grease storage for maximizing grease flow. POM Material ensures performance during changing operating conditions.

Inner Tie Rod Housing*
Exact match with polymer bearing protects against radial/axial forces. Coated with zinc-phosphate for resistance against fluctuating environmental conditions. SAE 1040 material ensures cohesion and endurance, and is machined with Computerized Automatic Machines for perfection and zero defect.

Wrench Flats on Housing and/or Ball Stud*
Depending on the steering type, the ball stud and/or housing has been fitted with wrench flats for easier installation.

* Where applicable. Not all Deeza Stabilizer Links come with this type of design. Design of the parts may differ for some parts due to the decisions taken by design engineers during reverse engineering process.  

All parts pre-packed in anti-corrosive bags.





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